Duster is a brand that makes women feel visible and valued in all of the ways that they work. Beginning with a line of reimagined house dresses called Dusters, the design has been elevated and modernized to suit the multi-faceted ways women work and move throughout their day, today. The result is chic, crisp and tailored dresses that maintain a loose-fitting comfort. Bonus: every Duster has pockets.

Something for the Way We Live, Work, and Play

The Inspiration

Traditionally, a Duster is a simple and loose-fitting house dress worn by Filipino women while doing housework. It is a utilitarian piece that symbolizes caring for children, tending to chores and running errands related to the upkeep of the home. But the look of work for women has changed.

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Who We Are

Co-founded by Melissa Magsaysay and Andrea Racey, the two have combined their vast fashion experience to create a brand that delivers on more than just a dress. It provides a solid sartorial solution for getting dressed in a way that sees a woman seamlessly throughout her day.

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